Two wins in two weeks G-Smatt Europe

Two Wins in two weeks for G-Smatt Europe

Technological Innovation award at London Construction Awards 2017

Less than three months after is launch, G-Smatt Europe, the developer of smart glass for media solutions, has been presented with two coveted awards. The first came at The Showman's Show where alongside the first installation of the glass seen by the UK events industry, the company received Best Exhibition Hall stand. The following week the company's unique offering was recognised when, at the London Construction Awards, Orhan and his team were declared winners of the Technological Innovation of the Year category.

This was the third year that the London Construction Awards have been presented, as part of the London Build Expo. Software and technology are having an increasing influence on the construction industry and this award celebrated the importance of technological innovation for this key sector of the wider economy. Once installed, buildings with a media glass facade can be used to display artwork, promote a brand, interact with the immediate community, and integrate with smart city infrastructure for information sharing.

"We are very a young company and we really didn't expect to gain such recognition at such an early stage in our development but we are thrilled that our innovative approach has been acknowledged by the construction industry," said Orhan Ertughrul, European Vice President, G-Smatt Europe. "The team has worked so hard to make both these exhibitions a success. Constructing a two tier, glass and steel structure on the second floor of the Olympia exhibition hall was no mean achievement but it was worth it as our stand formed a centrepiece for London Build 2017 and it really showcased our capabilities."

“Having an innovative business like G-Smatt showcasing its new product in such style is exactly what the Showman’s Show is all about. It was really pleasing to see them maximising their presence with a creative exhibition stand which was quickly recognised by this year’s stand judge in the Exhibition Hall. They were awarded 1st prize for the best stand, commenting on the excellent display of the product and how engaging the team was with our visitors," said Jeremey Lance, director of the show. G-Smatt had installed two full panels of the glass in the side of the entrance marquee, allowing all visitors to witness is capabilities.